Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Cast: Meet the New Tenants

Enter Nina Lin (Ko), a young, extremely pregnant hedge-fund manager who has absorbed everything Bunny had to teach her about the inner workings of the historic Arconia. This possibly includes Bunny’s fiery disposition, as resident Arconian, cat-aficionado and Tenant Board member Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) stipulates,  “If you thought Bunny was a bitch… get a load of this one.”

Nina, much like her unborn child, seems ready to pop at any moment, and she quickly becomes a person of interest in the hero-trio’s second season of their podcast. 

Lucy – Zoe Colletti

Only Murders in the Building did extremely well to create rich characters who all have their own mysteries and subplots. One of the more notable early mysteries which shed a lot of light on the lonely and guarded Charles was the mention of a mysterious girl named “Lucy.” 

Since the very first episode, the mysterious “Lucy”, whenever her name was mentioned, sparked a lot of painful memories and a sense of loss for Charles. It was later revealed that Lucy was a surrogate daughter Charles cared for when he dated her mother, Emma, years ago. The breakup with Emma was painful, but not as painful as losing the little girl who had become so important to him. In the ongoing subplot, Charles had not reached out to Lucy in quite some time, and wasn’t even sure if he could at this point. One of the open story points of season 1 was Charles finally reaching out to Lucy via text, and receiving a heartfelt reply from the girl.

Audiences will get to meet Lucy (played by Zoe Colletti) in season 2, and, just like every other character who revolves around that building, she, too, has secrets. More importantly, the dynamic between Colletti and Martin is very sweet, and gives Martin a chance to flex the more dramatic avuncular muscles he’s become known for in the late stages of his career. 

With one of his last relationships ending in heartache and separation, and his most recent girlfriend incarcerated after attempting to kill him, it will be nice to see Charles open up his heart, at least as a step-father figure. Lucy (and Colletti) is a welcomed addition to the Arconia, if only for a little while.


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