Online Casino Scams and How to Avoid

Online Casino Scams and How to Avoid

Steadily online casino games are picking up. In Las Vegas, there are nearly 300 gambling properties, making the USA the leading in number of Casinos in the globe. Countries have begun realizing the economic advantages within the industry. Besides, most online casino games are fascinating and genuine.

Many first timers fret when it comes to casino with the notion that all casinos are always a scam ready to happen. You can always avoid this by going through reviews beforehand. For instance, Dunder casino reviews could make you stall a bit, check it out for a gain in confidence in the casino field.

However, there’s a rise in scamming from a minority of people in the industry. These scams are anything from rigging to the theft of private data. But, there’s always a way to avoid rather, prevention measures to adopt.

So, here are some 3 online scams and how to avoid them:

1. Extremely Low or No Return to Player (RTP)

Most probably, the strategy to this scam is to maintain the house wins. Remember, casino scams are not only concerning outlays and deceit. It might just be one way to never gaining your money. Well, you might not even be familiar with RTP, so let’s step back a little bit.

RTP is the percentage of the money you get from accumulated bets in a given time length. Now, if the house edge is at 10%, then the RTP is 90%. You can imagine now how painful it is to lose your RTP. Anyway, you can avoid such a scam by checking for the sites’ RTP as most legit sites will always show theirs.

Further, on the footer, you find their approval gaming enforcement agency. So, be keen about it. Average RTPs are at 94% and 98%, so an RTP lower than 80% or lack an RTP should set you on toes.

2. Personality Theft

It’s frustrating to be a victim of identity theft. You not only lose your ransom but your identity as well. As vast types of fraud have led to losses of up to $107 billion, most are not be due to online casinos. But a good percentage is represented here.

Therefore, this should be your red alert. Don’t forget the industry is bulging, and very soon, it’ll have the lion’s share.

Currently, we have online casino sites that thieves manage who trade your info on the black market. While these sites are tricky to identify as they might even ask you to send proof of identity just like others, there’s always a way to know them. How?

  • Read online reviews of other players and consumers.
  • Work with re-known companies.
  • Check their licensing details.

3. Slow Withdrawal Process

It’s a common scam. You withdraw your money after a tiresome run only to keep waiting for days and days without pay. More so, you had completed a tedious account verification procedure, giving you hope that’s legit. 

However, this unexpected happens, and it’s serious the account isn’t ready to pay you. Besides, it comes up with claims of not following some of their terms and conditions. It’s clear to you that you’ve lost it.

Always check out the online casino platforms with PayPal as their options. With PayPal’s strict measures, most companies that work with it are legitimate


By now, you have an idea of how scammers maneuver in online casino games. Though there’s much to it, here’s a simple guide to identify online casino scams and ditch them. And with numerous regulations and licensing, it’s becoming easier to be safe.

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