Ombré hair is effortlessly chic (and the easiest way to disguise outgrown roots)

We’ve seen balayage, and more recently a clever combination of the two, dubbed as ‘foilayage‘, but if there’s one hair trend that’s not going anywhere, it’s ombre. Maybe it’s the lasting legacy of lockdown that’s left us lusting after grown-out roots, or maybe it’s that we’re all lusting after maintenance locks – but whatever the reason, it seems that just about anyone who’s anyone is reclaiming it as a nonchalant, cool-girl trend. 

Just take heed from model Bella Hadid, who posted a video on her TikTok with an ombre fringe (we know, right? In theory it shouldn’t work but obvs it does) as well as Kérastase ambassador Emily Ratajkowski, who’s previously made the switch to blonde hair with her naturally darker roots peeking through the top.

While balayage focuses on multi-dimensional sweeps of colour applied to entire strands, ombre’s focus is less on vertical highlights and lowlights blended seamlessly amongst other shades, and is more geared towards colour graduating seamlessly from dark roots at the top of your hair, right down to lighter ends. 

Classic ombre – which regularly features deep brunette or dark blonde roots seamlessly morphing into caramel and honey mid-lengths and light blonde ends – still seems to be a big hit among our favourite celebrities, including Serena Williams, Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway, who are all bonafide fans that are serving as serious inspiration for us.

However, it seems there’s more than one way to dabble with this hair colour trend. The latest, known as ‘graduated roots’ is where grown-out roots are embraced in all their glory. Take your cue from model Hailey Bieber, who’s bronde hair features naturally dark roots and lighter ends. The best part about this look? If you skipped your last highlights appointment, you’re probably already rocking it.

See which celebrities have dipped (pun intended) into the ombre trend in our round-up, which will give you all the inspiration that you need to follow suit…


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