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Olivia Newton-John reveals she had to ‘make light of’ death reports before they got out of hand

Olivia Newton-John was forced to “make light of” reports claiming she had died before it went too far.

The actress, 70, last year revealed she was battling cancer for the third time and was later hit with speculation that her health had deteriorated.

She addressed the claims in a hilarious video days into the new year telling fans the news of her death had been “greatly exaggerated”.

Newton-John has since opened up on the rumours admitting it was “almost impossible” to read.

Moving forward: Newton-John was forced to address the reports earlier this year (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

She told Australia’s Today show on Monday: “It’s a very strange feeling to read that you’re dead – and almost impossible [to read] actually.

“I thought I had to make light of it because this is just going to continue on and get worse and worse so that’s when I did the video [to say] I’m still here and doing great.”

She also gave an update on her health, adding that she is doing “really well” and is still hopeful a cure will be discovered in her lifetime.

“I’m doing really well. In fact I just had some tests done and I’m doing great thank you. My dream is that we’ll see an end to cancer in my lifetime,” she said.

The comments come after Newton-John mocked the reports in a video shared on her Twitter in January.

Grinning at the camera, she said: “Happy New Year everyone, this is Olivia Newton-John and I just want to say that the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated, to quote a very famous quote.

“And I am doing great and want to wish all of you the happiest, healthiest 2019 as possible and thank you all for your wonderful love and support for me and for my Olivia Newton-John cancer wellness centre in Melbourne, Australia.”

Last month she told how she went “undercover” in her own hospital after she was admitted when a tumour was found in her lower spine.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “Nobody knew I was there, so I was undercover boss in the hospital – on purpose. I was learning how to walk again. I was using a walker, so I’d wear a beanie and glasses and masks, so no one would know who I was.”


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