Okilly Dokilly: The World’s Only ‘Nedal’ Band Explains How to Live Just Like Ned Flanders

Since 2015, the Phoenix, Arizona metal band Okilly Dokilly has drawn inspiration for their devastating songs from the most unlikely source: The Simpsons’ most devout character, Ned Flanders. They dress in green sweaters, pink shirts and tan slacks, their lyrics are predominately made up of Ned Flanders quotes and they proudly claim to be the world’s only “Nedal” band.

The group’s commitment to the bit has led to two albums — the latest Howdilly Twodilly was released in March — and regular touring, while The Simpsons recently came calling to feature the band’s video for “White Wine Spritzer” during the end credits of a recent episode. Now the group has stopped by Rolling Stone to explain how anyone can apply the wholesome wisdom of Ned Flanders to their music and life.

In the clip, Okilly Dokilly frontman Head Ned explains that to sing like Ned Flanders, one must “channel everything that is not Ned Flanders — all the pent-up hatred from never getting your power tools back, from trips to the post office, from constant encounters with foot-longs — you take it and you push that with the diaphragm and from there you can scream all the diddilies that you want.”

Okilly Dokilly guitarist Shred Ned also discusses how he taught himself to play guitar by mimicking the rhythm and syncopation of Ned’s unique way of talking. But for the band, the tao of Flanders extends far beyond just playing music and should be utilized in nearly ever aspect of life.

“Just make sure that you are always respectful to thy neighborino,” Head Ned says. “And when things get heavy out there in the pit, that you lift thy neighborino up.”


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