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Notre Dame Video Game Club looks to unite gamers across campus … – Observer Online

The Notre Dame Video Game Club (NDVGC) has re-emerged as a central hub for gaming enthusiasts at the University, blending recreation, artistic expression and competitive gaming. 

The club is relatively new, having been revived over the pandemic following a hiatus, club president Carlos Basurto said.

(Editor’s note: Carlos Basurto is a viewpoint columnist for The Observer.)

Although the club is starting back up, many activities and plans are already set up for the following semester. Basurto said he foresees an excellent start for the NDVGC. 

Weekly meetings form the core of NDVGC’s activities, where members democratically select games to play. These games range from various categories and genres, including adventure, MMORPG [Massive multiplayer online role-playing games], multiplayer online battles and many more. Members can play any game they choose if they prefer to not play the game the rest of the group selected.

“Every week, we have a one-hour meeting where we play a democratically elected game, have snacks, make friends and have a good time,” Basurto said.

Beyond these meetings, the club also hosts a game development subsection, where members delve into the creative process of game-making, and an eSports section, where teams participate in games like “Smash Bros” and “Splatoon.” The club plans to later include “Valorant” and “League of Legends.”

A major highlight in the club’s calendar is the upcoming Gamer Olympics set for April 2024. Basurto said the club is currently talking with the Student Activity Office (SAO) to gain approval for the event, which would mark the first time the new version of the club hosted its own broader campus event.

The goal is to integrate video gaming into the ND community further, Basurto explained.

“My hope is that video games are taken slightly more seriously…I hope that by growing the club…we will make people more interested in what this club has to offer,” he said. 

NDVGC also intends to sponsor the LepreCon festival.

“We’re going to be a big part of LepreCon this January,” he said.

Basurto said hopes participating in University-wide events can help put video games and NDVGC on the radar of more students.

As NDVGC forges ahead, Basurto said it looks forward to discovering more aspects of gaming and striving to expand beyond the traditional perception of “gaming”.

“We are an incredibly welcoming group and I encourage anyone with even a spark of interest in gaming to come aboard. You’ll undoubtedly make some wonderful friends and have a fantastic time,” Basurto said.

Video games can be a platform for more than just amusement, Basurto said. In the future, he envisions NDVGC as a dynamic place where innovation, competitiveness and companionship coexist.

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