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'Not giving up' Kate Garraway on Derek's 'terrible' state after inflammation reached brain

Kate Garraway, 54, has spoken up about her husband’s near-fatal medical crisis. The broadcaster said she will “never give up” on her husband, who is undergoing a long battle with Covid.

Kate told Piers Morgan in his final episode of Life Stories, that her husband finally told her “I love you” again.

She said that she never thought husband Derek Draper would say those words again.

She discussed with Piers how her husband could only manage three words to him (“hello” and “thank you”) on the phone last month.

She continues: “It’s moments like that which make you realise he is there, and we have had others.

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The broadcaster also said that Covid severely damaged his digestive system, his liver and his heart.
She said that the inflammation also passed through his brain.
“Fundamentally, he’s in a terrible state, but look: he’s alive.”
Piers Morgan spoke up about his colleague Kate, and praised her bravery through the difficult circumstances.


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