‘Normal People’ issue cease and desist to PornHub over “deeply disrespectful” sex scene supercut

The creators of hit BBC Three show Normal People have issued a cease and desist order to PornHub after a supercut of the show’s sex scenes was uploaded online.

The show’s executive producer Ed Guiney called the act “deeply disrespectful”.

Revealing that the team behind the show is working on getting the new video removed, Guiney told Variety: “We’re hugely disappointed that excerpts from the series of Normal People have been used in this way. It’s both a violation of copyright and more importantly, it’s deeply disrespectful to the actors involved and to the wider creative team.

“We have taken appropriate steps to require that the content be removed from the platform with immediate effect.”

Corey Price, PornHub’s VP, told Variety the video has now been removed from the site, but is said to still be available on other websites. “Pornhub is fully compliant with the law,” Price said.

“We respect all copyright requests and as soon as we become aware of the existence of these types of videos on our site, we have them removed.”

Normal People star Paul Mescal recently revealed that he had to warn his granny about the sex scenes in the show, saying that “when she felt [the scenes] were about to happen she should go off and do something else”.

“In episode two when we started kissing she took the dog out,” he told The Graham Norton Show.

Reviewing Normal People, NME wrote: “Normal People is a single relationship written large in tiny details – and both actors do a great job of keeping the focus narrowed down to the smallest flickers of love, pain and regret.

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“What’s more, it’s the chemistry between Mescal and Edgar-Jones that mostly manages to keep the show from sinking too deep into melancholia. For all its raw emotion and underlying sadness, this is a heartfelt love story that radiates warmth from the very start.”

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