Noel Gallagher is teasing a new song from his third EP of 2019

It’s set to premiere tomorrow morning (November 14)

Noel Gallagher has shared a snippet of a new song which is set to premiere tomorrow morning (November 14).

The clip, which you can view below, is likely to be from a track from his forthcoming third EP. It will be showcased on Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on Radio 2 from 7am.

Gallagher recently released the acclaimed ‘This Is The Place‘ – the second of three EPs coming in 2019, following on from June’s ‘Black Star Dancing‘.

Reviewing Gallagher’s Manchester-inspired ‘This is the Place’ EP, NME wrote: “To quote Tony Walsh’s poem on the treasures of Manchester: “It’s ace, it’s the best and the songs that we sing, from the stands, from our bands, set the whole planet shaking”. While Gallagher’s done well to remember that, he’s gone back to his roots but taken them to strange new places.

“Imagine what Oasis could have been if they’d have had the bravery to match this bombast in their latter years.”

Gallagher also recently announced a huge one-off headline show at London’s Kenwood House for 2020.

Meanwhile, the former Oasis man recently conceded that he’d rather have Johnson than Liam for a brother.

“I would say Boris is more entertaining,” he said. “His use of the English language is more superior.”

However, he was willing to admit that Liam would emerge triumphant in the beauty stakes.

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“Liam is better looking though,” he said. “I probably would not get on with either of them.”


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