No deal Brexit plans get MAJOR BOOST – UK agrees £30bn agreement with Iceland and Norway

“This is on top of the agreement we’ve signed with Liechtenstein.”

The announcement follows Dr Fox issuing a thinly veiled warning to MPs who are threatening to vote down Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.

Discussing a third meaningul vote with Sky News’ Sophie Ridge on Sunday, the trade secretary said: “If we get a deal we will actually get all those deals rolled over. It will all happen if the Prime Minister’s deal is accepted.

“That’s one of the great bonuses that we get. It’s one of the things my colleagues in the House of Commons on both sides should be thinking about. If we want to get continuity in that, then the deal is on the table. We simply have to vote for it.”

“I would say to my colleagues: all actions have consequences, and if you really want to deliver the Brexit we all promised.

“If we actually want to do that then we need to back the Prime Minister’s deal because there is no other deal on offer.

“If we had an extension with no agreement and this was just kicking into the long grass with the chance that Brexit might not happen at all, that would be very, very hard for most people to swallow.”

But critics have questioned the Government as it struggles to meet its deadline to replicate around 40 of the UKs current bilateral EU trade deals before March 29.

It is expected that Mrs May will put her proposal to the Commons for a third time on Tuesday, in order to prevent a lomg extension of the Article 50 withdrawal prcoess.

Dr Fox announced last week Britain has signed a £369m-a-year deal with Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

The agreement allows businesses to trade as freely as they do now with the guarantee of no barriers or tariffs being introduced after Britain leaves the EU.

The International Trade Secretary has so far struck deals with the Chile, Switzerland and the Faroe Islands. 

The new deal will seek to replicate the existing European Economic Area agreement (EEA) as far as possible.

The Prime Minister was continuously urged to replicate a “Norway style Brexit”, which includes membership to both the EEA and The European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

Both Lichtenstein and Iceland are members of both.

In an official press release statement, Dr Fox said: “We have just reached agreement with Iceland and Norway to ensure continued access for British businesses to the European Economic Area should we leave the EU without a deal.

“This is one of the largest trade agreements we are party to as a result of our membership of the EU.”


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