I suspect I am the Arts Council employee referred to in Michael Billington’s fascinating reflection on theatre over the years (My 10,000 nights at the theatre, 10 December). However, I fear that I have been misquoted, and I want to reassure him, and your readers, that we plan to continue supporting theatres that both matter to people and stage first-rate work. We wish him many years to come of theatregoing, without the first-night deadlines.
Simon Mellor
Deputy chief executive, arts and culture, Arts Council England

Emine Saner (The no-flush movement, G2, 9 December) advocates lavatorial recycling. Here in Bristol we already have a bus that is fuelled solely by methane derived from human poo. The route it serves is (of course) the number 2.
John Prescott Thomas

The apostrophe contagion is spreading to continental Europe. Sign seen in suburban Malaga: Tapa’s Bar (Letters, 9 December).
Joan Friend
Oldham, Greater Manchester

Tut-tut. The little boy on Monday’s front page holding a, presumably, self-made sign saying “get the Tory’s out” misused an apostrophe. A timely and heartening reminder that, ultimately, it’s the message that counts.
Richard Walker
West Malvern, Worcestershire

So, if I’ve got Amazon Prime, does this mean I’ll be seen by a GP within 24 hours (Contract gives Amazon access to NHS data, 9 December)?

David Gerrard
Hove, East Sussex

There will be a full moon on election night. This is also known as the cold moon, or moon of the long night! It will be a long night.
Lesley Bingham

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