Nintendo Switch OLED Reveal is Dividing Fans

Given the expectations for the new Nintendo Switch that so many people were working with, it’s hardly a surprise that some of the initial reactions to the Nintendo Switch OLED were…less than enthusiastic.

As you probably gathered, the main complaint about the Nintendo Switch OLED at the moment is that it just doesn’t do enough to justify the price tag. While there seems to be some agreement that the new OLED screen is nice (even if it doesn’t offer significantly enhanced resolution), there are just some fans who aren’t willing to spend quite that much on a new screen, especially since Nintendo may still release a new Nintendo Switch down the road with an even better screen and other performance upgrades. Others are simply pointing out that the OLED’s improvements largely benefit handheld Switch players, which kind of leaves everyone else in the cold.

Mind you, not everyone is disappointed with the Nintendo Switch OLED. In fact, some fans say that the Nintendo Switch OLED offers pretty much exactly what they’re looking for at the moment.

Interestingly, there are also some fans who support the Nintendo Switch OLED largely because they’re not tempted to buy it. That may sound like a joke argument, but that’s not always the case. Between those who know manufacturing and shipping new hardware is incredibly difficult at the moment, those who enjoy Nintendo’s incremental upgrade strategy (which the company has used for their handheld devices for years), and fans who don’t want to feel forced to buy a more powerful Nintendo console, there’s actually a compelling argument to be made that the OLED is the most practical hardware upgrade option Nintendo can release at this time.

That’s the interesting thing about the Switch OLED discourse. No, you don’t “need” to buy one to continue enjoying the Nintendo Switch, but this is seemingly the optimal version of the console that is, again, potentially being released as a kind of placeholder for a much more advanced Nintendo Switch that may be coming down the road. There certainly seems to be many gamers who are eager to upgrade their Switch, but were hoping for something more substantial than the OLED and are currently unsure whether or not this is as good as Switch upgrades are going to get for the foreseeable future.

Not everyone who is talking about the Nintendo Switch OLED at the moment is arguing about the new console, though. Actually, a surprising amount of people were quick to point out that the PlayStation Vita kind of beat the Nintendo Switch OLED to the punch in terms of offering a handheld-focused gaming device with a viable OLED screen.


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