Nintendo explains what that random blob on the Switch screen does

A mystery that maybe only a few of us knew about is solved (Pic: Nintendo)

Ever noticed that weird little blob at the bottom of your Switch screen? Ever wondered what it’s there for? Nintendo has the answer.

While we’re all wrapped up in that Nintendo Switch Pro rumour that’s making the rounds, there is another pressing question that needs to be answered – what does that random blob at the bottom of the screen do?

It’s admittedly easy to overlook, but plenty of us have spotted it there at the bottom, slightly left to the middle, and none of us know what it’s there for. As of today, though, the Nintendo Japan Twitter account has provided an explanation, and it’s not all that exciting.

It turns out it’s a sensor for the console’s automatic brightness setting, as reported on by Nintendo Life. If you have the function turned on, the sensor picks up how bright the surrounding area is and changes the Switch’s brightness levels accordingly.


You can test it out yourself by turning the feature on and then covering the sensor with your finger; you should notice the screen’s brightness change.

It’s why when you get a screen protector they always have that bit cut out, even though it’s never been clear what it’s actually for.

This news is unlikely to radically change anyone’s experience with the console, but it’s neat to have an admittedly minute feature be explained by Nintendo itself.

Almost makes you wonder if there are any other secrets or features we don’t know about. There usually are when it comes to Nintendo…

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