Nigel Farage says Brexit 'is greatest moment in modern history' as crowds gather to mark exit

Nigel Farage hailed Brexit as the “most significant moment in modern British history” as we left the European Union.

Hundreds of Brexit supporters gathered in Parliament Square on Friday night to celebrate Britain leaving the European Union.

Mr Farage  took the stage just before 11pm to Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’.

Speaking to the crowd at Parliament Square, the Brexit Party leader said: “We did it. We transformed the landscape of our country.

“There are some that say we shouldn’t celebrate tonight, but we are going to celebrate tonight.

“There is one thing above all we must celebrate tonight and it is this: The reason we are here tonight is because Westminster became detached from the people in this country.

“The people have beaten the establishment. The real winner tonight is democracy. And I am someone who believes we should be pro-Europe, but not the European Union.”

Rain fell as an event organized by Leave Means Leave and Nigel Farage to mark Brexit saw triumphant Leave voters celebrate.

Hundreds of campaigners gathered to mark the moment

Campaigners sang God Save the Queen and Land of Hope and Glory as the clock ticked down towards UK’s exit.

A jazz band played led the crown in a rendition of Rule Britania.

Comedian Dominic Frisby sang his Brexit anthem ’17million f**k offs’ just minutes after Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin said Leave campaigners should be “magnanimous in victory”.

Hundreds waved union jacks as the crowd watched clips of Britain’s history with the EU – booing Tony Blair, David Cameron, John Major and Theresa Mayor.

The few cheers were reserved for Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

A small anti-fascist demonstration tried to disrupt proceedings before being contained by police.

Aaron, an antifascist protestor, told the Mirror: “It is sickening what had become mainstream. This is genuinely a disgrace and the idea that they should be given a public place like Parliament Sq to do this tells us how far this country has slipped to the right.”

Parliamentary had authorities refused to ring the Big Ben to mark Brexit, so protestors brought their own, with a man on the square repeatedly ringing it from early evening.

Ann Widdecombe told the crowd that Britain’s departure from the EU was all down to Nigel Farage’s constant campaigning.

“We don’t need anybody to prop us up or to tell us what to do and of course we want to co-operate and have good relations, but there is a difference between a sovereign state and a super-state and we will never be part of their super-state,” she said.

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The former Tory MP then urged the crowd to “rejoice in the day the Brexit Party has made”.

The jubilant Leavers spent the day singing “Rule Britannia” beneath Winston Churchill’s statue.

Some were wrapped in Union flags or dressed in suits made up of the British emblem as they chanted: “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now!”

Demonstrators held placards bearing anti-EU messages including “EU no more”, “Independence Day”, “Lock up the traitors” and “Let’s go WTO” in a reference to the UK reverting to World Trade Organisation rules.


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