Nigel Farage issues WARNING to Theresa May over Brexit party membership SURGE

The Brexiteer explained his newly-legal party is picking up support from the Conservatives. He wrote in The Daily Telegraph: “The data we have suggests that while we are picking up plenty of support from the patriotic old Labour vote, it is the Conservative vote where our future support will lie. An astonishing 40 percent of Tory voters say they are likely to vote for the Brexit Party at some point.”

He has also attacked the Prime Minister’s plans to extend Article 50.

He said: “Any extension of Article 50 will be seen as a betrayal of our nation by millions of angry Conservative voters.

“The choice facing Theresa May is simple. If she holds firm and abides by the law of the land, Britain will leave the European Union at 11pm on 29 March.

“If she buckles, and a long extension ensues, I promise I will do my best to tear her party limb from limb. It deserves no better.

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“It is time we left the European Union and got on with the rest of our lives.”

His attack follows EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s said Mrs May will only be granted an extension if she can get her Brexit deal through parliament.

However, she has been left no choice but to postpone leaving the EU after MPs rejected her withdrawal deal twice.

MPs also voted against a no deal departure.

Mr Farage said: “I do wonder how Number 10 has got things so wrong.

“Perhaps Downing Street has adopted a bunker mentality and is so defensive and intolerant of criticism that it has stopped listening to what anybody says, regardless of who they are.

“So simply by applying for an extension to Article 50, I wonder whether she realises what damage she is doing to Britain’s global standing as a democratic nation.

“For we are diminished, shredded, and now look something like a banana republic. This diminution will also herald the destruction of the Conservative Party.”

Mrs May solely blamed the delay on MPs while addressing the issue from Downing Street last night.

She said people were “tired of the infighting and political games” and it was “high time” for politicians to make a decision.

She added the delay was a “matter of personal regret” and insisted it would not go further than June 30.


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