Nigel Farage gloats over 'crushed Remoaners' in Brexit Party New Year message

Nigel Farage gloated over ‘crushed Remoaners’ in his New Year message to supporters.

In a joint message, he and Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice said they were “assessing thoughts and ideas as to what our next steps might be. This does not need to be rushed, tempting though it is.”

And despite his party having secured no seats in the General Election , he declared it a thumping success, taking credit for Boris Johnson winning a majority.

He wrote: “The Remoaners are crushed and most of the Brexit blockers in parliament are now gone.

“Remember this is thanks to The Brexit Party. Without us, Boris would not have become PM.”

Boris Johnson was already PM before the election.

He added: “The Conservative Party knew that to win, they had to copy many of our policies and ideas.”

“We put country before party or person.   History will clearly show this.

“Standing down in over 300 seats effectively guaranteed a Boris majority, the only question was its size. Don’t let anyone tell you that we have not succeeded in our main goals.”

There has been much speculation about the future of Mr Farage’s Brexit Party project.

The party lost its deposit in 165 constituencies, costing them £82,500.

It’s thought the party is sitting on hundreds of thousands of pounds in “supporter fees” paid to the party – which is set up as a private company with Farage understood to be the largest shareholder.

But Companies House documents show the firm has pledged to hand any profit to “charity or not for profit organisation” if the party is wound up.

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Farage has suggested the party could be renamed the “Reform Party” in the new year.

But staff and senior officials were handed redundancy notices almost immediately after the election.

“Straight after the election we were all told we had to look for other jobs,” one source told the i.


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