New Nintendo Switch for Christmas? The BEST games, accessories and extras you MUST buy

What to buy with your Nintendo eShop credit…

Into The Breach

Turn-based strategy with a twist, Into The Breach give players three mechs to control in order to defend mankind from giant insect monsters. Every failed mission leads to sending one pilot back in time to try again – but with randomly generated levels, it doesn’t get any easier.


Simultaneously a pixel-perfect platformer and a harrowing tale of battling adversity (and touching on mental health issues), Celeste is a smart, challenging adventure that deserves to be played by all.

Dead Cells

A Metroid-style action-platformer, Dead Cells sees players battle to escape a dingy prison as an amorphous blob that takes over the corpse of a fallen warrior. Each level is procedurally-generated, as is the weaponry and perks on order – meaning every run is different.

Hollow Knight

Another 2D Metroidvania, Hollow Knight is a stunningly designed (and very challenging) adventure starring a small insect who battles all sorts of creepy crawlies underground.

Stardew Valley

A gaming phenomenon, Stardew Valley is an indie game with an incredible amount to do. Players run and organise a farm, venturing into the nearby town to chat, flirt, and trade with the locals. There’s multiplayer now, too.


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