New home? Here are Some Handy Design Tips for You

New home? Here are Some Handy Design Tips for You

Your new home is a blank canvas for you to embrace and make your own. From choosing the colour theme to the style of furniture, all the decisions are yours to make. Your space should reflect your personality and lifestyle. You might be passionate about using more sustainable materials or incorporating smart appliances. Use your personal values and interests for interior inspiration and run with your creativity.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when decorating your home.

Explore Colour

Choosing a colour palette for your home can be challenging and a little overwhelming. You need to take some time to reflect on what colours would work well in the property. Paint a few samples on a piece of paper and hand them on different walls in the room. You can see how the light changes the colour and whether the tones work well in the atmosphere of the room. You might choose vibrant yellows and blues or stick to a more natural colour palette.

If you aren’t quite ready to use colour on the walls, you can incorporate character through bold accessories. You could pair a neutral paint colour palette with emerald tones cushions, and throws. Just remember, if you hate the colour – you can always repaint and start again.

Upgrade the Kitchen with Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are perfect for those with busy lives. Think carefully about your kitchen’s design and make sure it is both practical and beautiful. You could opt for a smart assistant, like an Amazon Alexa, and a few smart kitchen appliances. Instead of cooking dinner, watching the kids and trying to set food timers – you can speak out loud and let Alexa do the hard work. Or, you could install a new dishwasher that finds the right mode for dirty dishes and keeps track of how many tabs you have left. It will even remind you when you need to restock.

 Use Lighting Effectively

Natural light can make your home feel bright, airy, and fresh. Use a kitchen skylight to bring in more light or open up a whole wall with beautiful French doors that open onto the garden. Design your floorplan around the light in your home to ensure you are making the most out of it. You could highlight specific features of the kitchen in lighter areas and use the darker room as a cosy living room. Play with light and use it to your advantage.

Plan for the Weather

In the UK, the weather tends to determine the more practical home choices. For example, you will need radiators in every room of the home instead of air conditioning. You might need to add carpets in the bedrooms and cover up the beautiful hardwood flooring.

The best homes work with your lifestyle and make daily tasks a little easier.

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