New Candy smart washing machine listens to your needs with WiFi connection

Do you feel like your list of chores is never ending? Does it feel like your dirty clothes are piling up, even though your washing machine is constantly running? Imagine if the process could be made simpler, gaining you back precious time (and even money) to spend on the important things. Well, the Rapid’Ó washing machine from Candy may be the perfect option for you, with a WiFi connection and voice command setting that allows you to control your loads anytime, anywhere…

Available in white and graphite colourways as well as 9kg and 10kg capacities, the Rapid’Ó offers a new cleaning experience which fits around your schedule, even if you’re on the go – thanks to Candy’s Simply-Fi app. With the use of the washing machines WiFi connection, homeowners can control and monitor their washing through the Candy Simply-Fi App, which provides access to additional washing programmes, maintenance advice, the user manual and much, much more.

Candy Rapid'Ó washing machine
Once you get a Candy Rapid’Ó, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it

Another unique feature of the Rapid’Ó is the Snap&Wash function, where you can take a quick picture of your clothes in front of the washing machine. The Candy Simply-Fi app will then provide tailored advice on the best loads and programmes to use on your washing, whilst it automatically sets the right temperature and speed for your load. What’s more, you can even use your own voice to control settings and washes, meaning there’s no fuss, whilst the machine ensures that your clothes are as fresh as the day you bought them.

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The new Speed Inverter Motor on the Candy Rapid’Ó washing machine also meets the highest standards of the EU’s new energy efficiency labelling system Making the RapidO an A-rated model, one of the most energy efficient products available on the market.

The model includes nine quick wash programmes, from 14 to 60 minutes, including eco settings, sport and gym washes, as well as daily and mixed colour settings. The innovative and ergonomic machine offers its widest and highest door to date – convenient for easier loading whilst perfect for bigger washes in smaller amounts of time. A quality wash is not compromised either, thanks to the ultimate technology of the Speed Drive Motor, cleaning action is boosted by up to 50% (compared to traditional motors) offering better results than ever even during quick cycles.

Candy Rapid'Ó washing machine
Prices start from £349 for the Candy Rapid’Ó

In a time when hygiene is a high priority, the “Daily Hygiene” rapid programme offers the perfect sanitation and deep cleaning of your clothes. In a cycle of 59 minutes, this function will maintain the same 60°C temperature for the whole wash, whilst allowing protection from allergens, germs and bacteria and other factors that can impact on your health, in a short amount of time. As face masks have become the new normal, Candy has also introduced two new dedicated washing cycles available via the Simply-Fi App. The Masks Sanitization and Masks Refresh programmes sanitise your reusable face masks whilst simultaneously reducing consumption as well as protecting the environment.

Candy’s Connected Rapid’Ó washing machine is available at a starting price of £349.

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