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New book “Parallel Evolution: Applied Biology in Video Games” underway – Market Research Telecast

The stamp Star-t Magazine Books presents the new literary project “Parallel Evolution: Applied Biology in Video Games”, A new book in production that aims to explain aspects of some of the most famous video games in history through biology. Work of the biochemist and molecular biologist Erik AostriIn addition to being a great fan of the video game industry, this new book that aims to approach the video game from a unique point of view does not yet have a publication date.

Biological science applied to video games

The author has written a book on how biological science ends up permeating culture, joining video games. Divided into six disciplines in the field of biology such as zoology, physiology, genetics, microbiology and parasitology, biotechnology, and astrobiology, Aostri explains through certain video games such as Pokémon, Resident Evil or Cyberpunk 2077, scientific concepts like metamorphosis and ecosystems, viruses and pandemics or what is functioning of neurons. That is, a very important essay on what science (especially bioscience) there are behind many video games that we know.

Those responsible for “Parallel evolution: Applied biology in videogames” encourage us to remain attentive to upcoming news about its publication, soon revealing the release date definitive.

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