Netflix's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date, Trailer, & Everything We Know

Leatherface has been gone for nearly half a century…or so we thought. Looks like the mass murderer of the ’70s is back for more blood. The upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel of the 1974 slasher horror flick of the same name.

The all-new Texas Chainsaw Massacre continues the story of the 1974 movie, with Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of the original massacre, ready to take her revenge on the cannibalistic killer. The plot follows a group of youngsters who plan to set up a business in the remote town of Harlow, Texas. Little do they know that the town in question was the site of the infamous bloodbath of 1974 and the history still haunts the locals. Somewhere in a corner of the town, Leatherface, the evil behind the massacre, has been hiding for decades, and now, as his guarded living is disturbed by the newcomers, nothing will stop him from reigniting his killing spree.


The sequel to the cult-classic slasher flick is directed by David Blue Garcia and scripted by Chris Thomas Devlin, who is also known for his previous work on Cobweb (2021). The movie is based on an original story written by Fede Álvarez (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) and Rodo Sayagues (Don’t Breathe, Don’t Breathe 2). The Netflix movie is the ninth installment in the popular, long-running franchise, but steers clear from all the other remakes/reboots and spin-offs made since the release of the original movie. Looks like the years of hiding didn’t change much for Leatherface. Despite being almost sixty years old, his thirst for blood and maniacal killing is going to terrorize Texas once more.

Could it be for the last time? Who knows? But it definitely sounds like the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is going to be a blood-curdling experience. So, brace yourself and read on for all the details about the plot, trailer, cast, filming, and everything else that has been revealed so far about the upcoming horror thriller.

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Watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre on December 3, 2021. The roughly one-minute video gives audiences their first look into the slasher sequel and what you can expect from the same.

The clip opens with ominous music playing in the background, foreshadowing the haunting experience that you are about to have. Through the spine-chilling and dark scenes, it shows a hand pulling out the fabled chainsaw from behind a wall. It’s obvious that it’s Leatherface, back for more. The trailer also reveals the newcomers in town and gives a glimpse at new characters Melody, Lila, Ruth, and Dante. It also shows how they are chased by Leatherface. The clip ends with an older Leatherface holding up his human-skin mask, seen from behind.

While the short trailer doesn’t reveal much of the plot or any major scenes, it sure gives the chilling sense that is iconic of this slasher series. Clearly, there is a lot at stake for the victims and the trailer is proof enough that a lot of grisly murders and lots of violence are in store.

When Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Release Date?

Image via Netflix

As per the official announcement by Netflix, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is scheduled to arrive on the streaming service on February 18, 2022.

Who Is in Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Cast?

The all-new Texas Chainsaw Massacre involves a huge cast list, featuring Mark Burham (DriverX), Olwen Fouéré (Zone 414), Elsie Fisher (Castle Rock), Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), and Nell Hudson (Victoria) in the leading roles. The cast also includes Moe Dunford (The Dig), Alice Krige (Star Trek), Jessica Allain (The Laundromat), Sam Douglas (Snatch), William Hope (Dark Shadows), and Jolyon Coy (War & Peace).

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Who Are the Confirmed Characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Image via Netflix

Considering it’s a direct sequel, we can expect some old faces as well as some new ones. Here are the major characters of Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Mark Burnham plays Leatherface. The one behind all the massacres in the stories, Leatherface is a mentally unstable mass murderer. His name is derived from the human skin mask that he wears. His signature weapon is a chainsaw but he also uses other tools to murder his victims. He has been underground for nearly 50 years until he gets disturbed by the arrival of new people in town.

Olwen Fouéré plays Sally Hardesty, the leading character in the 1974 movie who is the only survivor of the first massacre. After Leatherface kills her entire family, Sally is captured and tortured by him but somehow manages to escape. Sally is now old but is seeking vengeance for her family. She was played by Marilyn Burns in the original movie.

Sarah Yarkin plays Melody, a young entrepreneur from San Francisco, who comes to Harlow with a plan to start a business.

Elsie Fisher plays Lila, Melody’s teenage sister. She is a hobby photographer and uses a wheelchair.

Jacob Latimore appears as Dante, a close friend of Melody and Lila’s, who also comes to Harlow with them. He has a girlfriend, who is also a friend of the sisters.

Apart from these major characters, the story of Texas Chainsaw Massacre will also feature Moe Dunford as Richter, Alice Krige as Mrs. Mc, Nell Hudson as Ruth, Sam Douglas as Herb, William Hope as Sheriff Hathaway, and Jolyon Coy in an unmentioned role.

What is the Background of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Image via Lionsgate

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a straight sequel to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre of 1974. The complete horror franchise consists of eight slasher films not directly connected/related to the original, comics, and a video game based on the 1974 movie.

All the stories in the franchise center on Leatherface and his family, who terrorize anyone who comes close to their territories in the remote countryside of Texas. All of them are deranged murderers but the focus is always on Leatherface. He is excessively controlled by his family and is known for his highly gruesome ways of killing. By the end of the 1974 movie, Sally Hardesty, Leatherface’s primary victim in the story, escapes the maniac after her entire family is killed.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) is the ninth installment of this popular horror franchise and takes off from the 1974 movie. The upcoming sequel will see Sally seeking revenge for her family’s murder after nearly 50 years. At the same time, the town has new visitors, who will also become victims of Leatherface.

What Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Story?

Image via Bryanston Distributing Company

It’s been nearly half a century since the Hardesty family of Texas were brutally murdered. Sally Hardesty was the only one who managed to escape. Since then, no one has ever seen or heard of Leatherface. But his legacy remains and haunts the townsfolk as well as Sally.

Though older now, Sally hasn’t forgotten Leatherface or what he did to her family. Meanwhile, a bunch of strangers come to town and awakens the sleeping monster. The sequel movie will most likely see Sally and Leatherface go head to head once more and perhaps this might just be their last violent showdown.

Here’s what the official synopsis of Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre says:

″Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her teenage sister Lila (Elsie Fisher), and their friends Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson), head to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start an idealistic new business venture. But their dream soon turns into a waking nightmare when they accidentally disrupt the home of Leatherface, the deranged serial killer whose blood-soaked legacy continues to haunt the area’s residents — including Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré), the sole survivor of his infamous 1973 massacre who’s hell-bent on seeking revenge.”

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