Netflix’s Tall Girl trailer divides viewers over representation debate

Netflix’s trailer for new movie Tall Girl has divided viewers, sparking a debate about representation.

While some have taken aim at the upcoming movie, arguing that tall girls are doing just fine and that there are other groups more in need of representation, others have defended it, asking people not to belittle someone’s struggle.

‘You know that really, really, tall girl you go to school with?’ main character Jodi (Ava Michelle Cota) asks in the trailer. ‘Well, that’s me!’

The controversial trailer shows Jodi being rejected by guys at school until a mega tall exchange student arrives on the scene.

Some aren’t convinced by Netflix’s new flick (Picture: Netflix)

It goes on to show a heart-wrenching prank call which sees her being asked to the homecoming dance as a joke, with the undeniably bizarre line: ‘Let’s face it, you’re the tall girl.’

Painted as a coming of age movie, it shows the story of a character learning to love herself.

However, not everyone’s convinced.

‘Of all the groups of underrepresented/marginalized people….people with disability, mental illness, low economic status, mixed households, LGBTQ+ identified, etc….netflix decides to make a movie about a tall white girl,’ one unimpressed viewer wrote.

Netflix's Tall Girl

Netflix's Tall Girl

Some people aren’t convinced (Picture: Twitter)

Another added: ‘There are people literally getting killed for their skin colour, sexual orientation, gender and the list goes on and Netflix creates a film about a girl who’s too tall, f***s my mind, The Amazon’s on fire – get better priorities.’

‘I can’t believe Netflix said tall girls are oppressed im on the floor,’ one more wrote.

Netflix's Tall Girl

Others have been defending the movie (Picture: Twitter)

However, some are defending the movie, with one viewer arguing: ‘I keep seeing negative tweets about this but like y’all do realize there are girls that feel insecure about being really tall?

‘There are other shows on Netflix that emphasize different struggles but don’t belittle this one bc ur not going through it.’

‘For those of you saying that being a tall girl isn’t a thing that’s to be bullied about, i have a friend who is 5’11 and she was bullied relentlessly throughout school because of it and she is SO excited for this movie. if you don’t like the concept, don’t watch it,’ another said.

Nevertheless, the cast seem hyped for the new flick, with Ava tweeting: ‘So thankful to be able to tell this story.’

The 17-year-old is set to star alongside Angela Kinsey, Steve Zahn, and Paris Berelc.

Tall Girl arrives on Netflix September 13.


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