Nestle launches Milkybar Mix Ups with white and milk chocolate

(Picture: Nestle)

Nestle has launched a new Milkybar product and it sounds amazing.

Milkybar Mix Ups round button-like chocolates in both white and milk flavours, and each one is filled with the opposite flavour.

Inside the white chocolate button is milk chocolate and vice versa.

It is the first time Nestle has ever used both milk and white chocolate under the original Milkybar brand.

They’ve been made at the Nestle Fawdon factory in Newcastle, on the same production line as Rolo.

There has been around £1.5 million invested at the factory to enable production there.

(Picture: Nestle)

Kevin Shrimpton, Factory Manager at Nestlé Fawdon said: ‘We are really excited to be producing under the Milkybar brand for the first time.

‘We are doing a lot of work at the factory to focus our particular areas of expertise and it’s great that we have been able to put our knowledge and experience on Rolo to good use in creating Milkybar Mix Ups.’

Given we’re nearing Easter, you might be more interested in Easter eggs.

(Picture: M&S)

And if so, Marks & Spencer has launched a pink, glittery, Prosecco flavoured Easter egg and it looks incredible.

The ‘Proseggo Egg’ has been flavoured with Prosecco, berries and a little salt, and is now on sale for £5.

It took M&S Easter Egg Developer Katy Patino over a year to perfect the product as part of the store’s Easter egg collection.

She said: ‘I absolutely love the new and on-trend Proseggo Egg.

‘We’ve infused luxury milk chocolate with raspberry, blackcurrant and Prosecco for a delicate flavour with floral notes.

‘And, at just £5 you can treat your loved ones to that touch of luxury without breaking the bank.’

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