Nephilim in Genesis: Who were the Nephilim in the Bible? Were they fallen angels?

He said: These men were the heads of tribes, clans, and families who married outside the line of promise ‘the seed of the woman’; they preferred to marry godless females, ‘the daughters of men’ from the line of wicked Cain – also direct descendants of Adam – known as the ‘the seed of the serpent’.

“Much later in Israelite history but along the same lines, in the book of Psalms, the political and judiciary leaders of Israel are also called ‘gods’ and ‘children of the Most High’ because of their divine appointment as the representatives of God to judge Israel.

“As a child bears their parents’ image and likeness, so these politicians or ‘gods’ were to reflect God’s holy likeness when administering justice and righteousness.

“The Giants – Nephilim – are also commonly misidentified. To begin with, the etymology of the Hebrew word Nephilim is uncertain.”


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