Nearly a third of Labour voters could switch to Independent Group

Labour are being put under pressure by the new Independent Group as nearly a third of the party’s voters say they are considering switching.

According to polling the 11- strong grouping is set to take votes away from both main parties as a quarter of people say they are tempted to vote for the breakaway MPs.

It will be a boost to the group who are hoping to become a formal political party in the near future despite not having a clear set of policies other than being anti-Brexit.

But Labour, which lost eight MPs to the group, is particularly badly hit.

Young voters and Londoners were also among those most tempted to switch their support, according to a poll from POLITICO-Hanbury.

Some 32% of Labour supporters said they are likely or very likely to vote for an Independent Group candidate, if they stood in their areas.

The Independent Group held their first meeting this week


But one in five Tory supporters said they could too.

The news came as the Independent Group revealed that Chuka Umunna would be their group spokesperson.

“Our team is diverse and drawn from different backgrounds, including a former teacher, social worker, lecturer, entrepreneur, solicitor and GP,” he said.

“We intend to draw on all the talents and experiences of our group, as we seek to change politics and give the British people a proper alternative to the broken politics being offered by the main political parties.”


A Labour spokesperson told the Mirror the party doesn’t comment on polls.

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