NBA 2K20 Ratings: The most notable OVR Drops this year – Embiid, Paul & more

With many new and promising rookies, as well as players that seemed to improve last season, it is important to take note of many other players that have fallen on the other side of the spectrum. 

Because, just as often as there are up-and-coming players, there are those that have deteriorated over the past year, or have just hit a rough patch. 

Either way, the ratings have been updated to reflect those changes. As such, here are some of the surprising drops in ratings for players, from the large drops, to some weak ratings that we feel were undeserved.

Joel Embiid (93 – 91)

After what was seen as one of his better performing years on the Philadelphia 76ers, it is extremely disappointing that Joel Embiid’s rating has actually dipped down towards the beginning of the 2K20 season. 

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Even though his average points per game shifted up by 4.6 per game, and his average rebounds per game jumped up by 2.6, the somewhat poor showing during the Eastern Conference Playoffs has cost him. Center Embiid has been knocked down to be at 10th of the top 100 players currently in the 2K20 rosters, tied with Kyrie Irving.

Chris Paul (87 – 85)

With how the 2019 season went, it comes as no surprise that Chris Paul would be seeing a direct impact to his 2K20 rating. After what was seen as a glimpse of possible decline in progress, he took a rating hit of 2 points from his 2019 rating. This does not take into account that his early season rating was a solid 90, meaning overall, he lost a whopping 5 points between the early part of the 2019 season to the start of the 2020 season, making this one of the largest dips in ratings we have seen yet, however much it was warranted. 

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New Oklahoma man Paul will continue to fall off as he ages and may struggle to play a significant number of games each season. A big trade also lands Paul in a new city after leaving Houston and he may not be there long if the Thunder have anything to say about it.

John Wall (89 – 86)

Given how the Washington Wizards ended their season, it comes as no surprise that we would see a few of their players on this list. However, John Wall was attributed to why the Wizards even got most of their 32 wins. 

Having put up a decent 20.7 points average in the 2019 season, as well as upping his average 2P% by .071, many are not sure that he fully deserved the 3 point dip down, which knocked him out of the top 20. That being said, Wall did experience massive injuries that may have been the hammer blow to his career.

Nikola Jokic (92 – 90)

With the Denver Nuggets hammering out a 54-28 season record, you wouldn’t really expect a member of their roster to be on the list that got pegged for a takedown on the ratings. However, that’s exactly what happened after they fell during the Western Conference Semifinals to the Portland Trail Blazers. 

During all of those games, Nikola Jokic actually put up extremely impressive records. He had improved his average points per game by 1.6 per game, as well as increasing his average assists by 1.2 and his 2P% by .061. However, even through all that he had done, we feel he was slightly cheated with a knockdown of 2 points. The star of one of the best teams in the Western Conference will start this 2K year off with a slightly lower rating than expected.

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