Nancy Drew Episode 17 Review: The Girl in the Locket

However, this is Nancy Drew so why serve up emotional devastation for virtually everyone when you can also give them terrifying visions of maggots and rotting seaweed? Turns out the Aglaeca – you know, that thing the gang summoned via a magical ritual a few episodes back, in order to find Dead Lucy’s bones? Well, it still remembers that Nancy and friends never paid the blood toll for its services, and it’s got a seriously aggressive collections department. 

“Look, inhuman sea spirits are very unforgiving,” says George’s mom, which in theory should explain why the gang’s attempt to break the creature’s curse didn’t work. 

There’s just one small problem – it turns out the Aglaeca wasn’t an angry sea spirit after all, but a very human one, whose horrific death somehow (maybe) gave it some extremely souped up powers to boot. But, long story short, the ritual didn’t do what it was supposed to do, so now everybody’s experiencing even more horrifying visions and suddenly Owen’s dead in a bathtub.

As if Nancy hasn’t had a hard enough year. 

The shock death of Owen Marvin is…well, it’s a twist that’s rather unexpected, to say the least. CW series like this tend to live for a love triangle. Nancy Drew itself certainly hasn’t been immune to this trend, as Nancy herself was torn between Owen and Nick earlier this season and there are warring hashtag factions supporting both couples online. But his death certainly does prove both the seriousness of this new threat the gang is facing in a post-Dead Lucy world, and establishes that there are real stakes in Horseshoe Bay.

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