'My neighbour works at my child's school – she tells the teachers about my private life'

An outraged mum has taken to the internet to ask for some much-needed advice after her neighbour, who happens to work at her child’s school, shared private details with other teachers

Children leaving school and meeting parents
The T.A. reported the mum to the school (stock photo)

As a parent, you will always want others to think only that you are doing what’s best for your children.

But one mum has been left feeling stunned after discovering her neighbour has been making her look like a bad parent in front of teachers at her child’s school.

The unnamed woman has taken to Netmums, a parenting forum, to share her grievances and ask for some much-needed advice.

In the post, she explains that her neighbour works as a teaching assistant at her kid’s school and that she’s been sharing details of her private life with fellow teachers.

She wrote: “T.A. is my neighbour and reporting my private life to the school.”

The neighbour heard the parents arguing and was concerned about their children (stock photo)


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The mum continued: “My neighbour is a T.A. in my kid’s school and has been reporting arguments I and my partner have to the school is this ok?”

In the comments section, the mum went on to explain that her partner can get pretty loud during arguments and that since the reports were made, they’ve been assessed by children’s services.

She added: “We recently had an assessment from children’s services who had no concerns but my issue is these are average arguments just my other half is quite loud unintentionally and she’s made me out to look like an abuse victim which I am not.

“Have no idea what to do also she’s telling the school about arguments we had in the holidays which has nothing to do with the school.”

Dozens of people have responded to the post, with some divided over whether the T.A. was in the wrong or not.

Many thought it was a very difficult situation, with one replying: “That must be a really difficult situation to be in. If the arguments are loud enough for the neighbours to hear I can see why they would have an initial concern for the children actually in the home at the time, even just them emotionally. That said, now that social have been involved with no concerns that really should be the end of it.

“Just a suggestion going forwards if that’s OK, but maybe you could see if your partner can not be so loud in the future? I know we shouldn’t change our behaviour just for other people but it’s all I can think of, as if the T.A. can’t hear it, they can’t tell the school. Plus I’m sure it wouldn’t be nicer for you that way anyway lol, I hope that doesn’t cause offence.”

Another person said: “I think this depends, if this is just a normal argument, the T.A. shouldn’t be doing that. If it’s bad enough that it makes them have a concern for your children’s welfare, I can definitely see why they would feel obligated to tell the school.”

A third added: “You have to think, if your arguments can be heard through a wall and are making an adult feel worried then how must they be making a child feel who is experiencing them first hand?”

Someone else posted: “Frankly the answer is yes. As a member of staff she has a legal duty to report any concerns and if your partner shouts loudly then she was right to report it as that can not be good for the children.

“Instead of being annoyed she has made this report to essentially her boss, be annoyed that your partner can’t be mature and resolve issues without yelling so loudly the neighbours can hear. That’s what needs to be addressed IMO.”

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