My life in sex: the man who runs his wife's OnlyFans account

My wife and I have been unable to work during the pandemic. I’ve never really had any hobbies; my job in finance usually takes up much of my time, so adjusting to this new mundane way of life was difficult. However, a few weeks ago I jokingly suggested that my wife could create an account on OnlyFans – the subscription service used mainly by porn stars.

As time went on, this became less of a joke and more an erotic fantasy: I liked the idea of her being on the internet, knowing that only I could really have what her subscribers wanted. We had a serious conversation, an account was made, and I found my first hobby.

While my wife is the star of the show, I’ve taken on a managerial position, directing the photos and videos, developing a promotional strategy and creating a content schedule. The account has become fairly successful, quickly entering the top 20% and bringing in quite a lot of money with tips. I’ve also taken over the messaging function of the account, as I have a better understanding of our marketing strategy, and even ended up rating a man’s penis for $10 (pretending I was my wife, of course).

The erotic component of this plan eventually began to fade: I’m mainly just enjoying the logistics at this point, and am thrilled to find success in such a burgeoning market. However, my wife is losing interest, as we don’t need the money, so I may need to find a new way to spend my time. Perhaps I’ll take up Animal Crossing.

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