My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24 Review – Tomura Shigaraki: Origin

The remainder of “Tomura Shigaraki: Origin” is devoted to the riveting, cataclysmic battle between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. My Hero Academia has presented the aftermath of Deika City’s destruction from different perspectives before. In this sense, the audience may be prepared on some level for what’s to come, but that doesn’t make it any less horrific when Shigaraki completely frees his Quirk. He allows waves of destruction to wash over not only his Liberation Army opponent, but the entire city.

There are some very grand visuals as these two juggernauts take swipes at each other. Re-Destro’s Quirk continues to expand on itself in dangerous ways until he amasses a natural set of armor and accesses 150% of his power. This would cause most villains or heroes to retreat, but this strength only entices Shigaraki. He even equates Re-Destro’s Quirk to the heights of One For All, yet still isn’t phased in the slightest by Re-Destro’s demonstration. 

While these two fight, Re-Destro reiterates that he wants to use his strength to liberate others through their Quirks, whereas Shigaraki purely wants to revel in destruction. These two villains push very different philosophies, but their similarities aren’t lost on either of them. Shigaraki, on some level, is fueled by All For One’s influence, just like how Re-Destro feels indebted to carry out his father’s goal for how to improve society.

The end of all of this desolation is actually somewhat anticlimactic. Even though Re-Destro is completely overpowered, his submission to Shigaraki feels slightly sudden. Shigaraki’s accomplishment still resonates due to the crucial context regarding his past that’s provided, but the balance here is skewed and “Tomura Shigaraki: Origin” would benefit from slightly more time spent in the present before Re-Destro admits defeat. It’s still a satisfying conclusion to this lengthy arc, but it’s just a little surprising how brief the actual battle between Shigaraki and Re-Destro is in a series that’s so preoccupied with combat.

This clash of Quirks and values doesn’t result in more lost lives, but it instead culminates in the birth of the Paranormal Liberation Front, a supergroup of villains that’s formed from the ashes of these two antagonistic organizations. Past alliances between enemies have occurred, but the Paranormal Liberation Front feels unique because they very consciously choose a name for their group which disposes of the restrictive label of “villain.” 

The “My Villain Academia” arc has explored this perspective in great detail. These angry individuals are more empowered and united than ever before, but the fact that they no longer view themselves as villains, but rather liberators of society, is what’s the most frightening aspect of this new organization. 


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