'My family refuse to accept my son's name – it's getting awkward'

An expecting mum is ‘really upset’ after her family has refused to accept her child’s name – even suggesting that the name has connotations with ‘drugs’ and gangs’

A pregnant woman is 'really upset' with her family
A pregnant woman is ‘really upset’ with her family (stock photo)

Picking out a children’s name is no easy task, especially when you’re an expecting mother who is yet to welcome their child into the world.

However, some names can simply just stick and when you make it work, it’s practically impossible to imagine calling your child anything else.

And in most cases, what other people say doesn’t matter, right? Wrong.

One woman on Mumsnet has been left extremely upset after revealing that her family refuse to accept the name of her unborn child – Reggie.

In her post, she wrote: “I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second, it’s a boy again, which my family made it very obvious they wanted a girl and was disappointed when I revealed its a boy.”

She has revealed her struggles with her family


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“After weeks and weeks of discussing names with my partner, we finally settled on Reggie a couple of weeks ago, kept it to ourselves until we knew it would stick and now it’s stuck we have been telling family.”

The expecting mum-to-be expressed that “very few” people liked the name as one even suggested it has gang connotations, saying that “it’s a drug gang name”.

“Very few family actually like the name and my family have been very strongly against it. Saying it’s a drug gang name, I can’t name my child that. Then going on to suggest other names.”

She is ‘firm’ with her family that she’s chosen her son’s name


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“I firmly tell them no Reggie is what we have settled on and that will be his name.”

“To which I get the response, ‘you will change your mind when you see him so what about this name,'” she added.

The woman’s sadness and “upset” led to her decision of not wanting to attend upcoming events around the presence of her own family.

“Its really upsetting me and I’m due to go to a siblings birthday party tomorrow and I really don’t want to go as I know the topic of names will be brought up.”

Following the conflicting situation for the pregnant mum, commenters on the Mumsnet post fled to the comment section to share their thoughts – with one woman even saying that the “damage is unfortunately done”.

One commenter penned: “It’s none of their business. Tell them they get to name their kids and you get to name yours. And shut the topic down.

“Perfect example though of why you shouldn’t reveal your baby’s name before they’ve arrived. Much easier to diss the name of an as yet unborn baby, than a real life farting and gurgling one.”

Another wrote: “And this is why you must never tell people the name of your child before it’s born!”

“The damage is unfortunately done now, so it just depends on how much you love the name – if you do, tell them that their opinion is not relevant and you will not be changing it. For what it’s worth, I love Reggie and think you should stick to your guns!!” They added.

A third gushed over the name: “Love the name reggie – ignore them all. Congrats” aside a blue heart emoji.

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