'My ex cheated so I slept with his brother and got pregnant – my children are couslings'

A mum has caused a stir online after sharing the jaw-dropping tale of how her children ended up being both siblings and cousins – or ‘couslings’ as she calls them

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TikTok user reveals her children’s dads are brothers

When experiencing a broken heart, people can do all sorts of things to cope with the pain – from lashing out to distracting themselves by changing their look and chopping off their hair.

One woman has shared how she decided to get revenge after discovering her partner had cheated on her.

The American mum, known only as Rachel, explained her story in a series of TikTok videos claiming that the father of her oldest child was abusive and had been unfaithful, so she decided to sleep with his brother to get back at him.

“I slept with his brother as payback and ended up pregnant… now my kids are couslings,” she admits in one clip.

She revealed all on TikTok

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Posting under the username @offically.the.rachel, the parent went on to say that as a result of the pregnancy, her two children are now ‘couslings’ – which means they are siblings and first cousins.

She’s now raising both her kids as a single parent as neither dad is still in the picture anymore.

“My kids are blessing no matter how they were created. I don’t regret my decision,” the mum said.

She added that the little ones, aged four and two, don’t know about their fathers, but she plans to tell them the truth when they are older.

“I plan to tell them once they hit the age when they start asking questions. I want it to be when they are ready to learn and ready to know.”

The TikTok videos went viral with thousands of people commenting on the clip to share their reactions to the unique family situation.

One person replied: “Oof welp – that’s a story!”

Another said: “I feel so bad for the kids cause that’s gotta be embarrassing.”

A third wrote: “My jaw hit the damn floor.”

Someone else added: “I was today years old when I learned ‘couslings’ is a word lol.”

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