My daughter, 22, is too selfish for kids so I’ve had two more – I was done but someone’s got to carry on the family name

A WOMAN explained that, as her 22-year-old doesn’t want children, she decided to have two more kids so as to continue the family name.

The 42-year-old felt that her daughter was selfish for being so set on not having her own children.

The woman, 42, said her daughter, 22, didn't want to have children so she had another two


The woman, 42, said her daughter, 22, didn’t want to have children so she had another twoCredit: Getty

She explained that she wanted to continue the family so “souls needing to come into our family for ancestral or karmic reasons” would still have the opportunity to be born.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “I’m Gen X, and I have a huge problem with how I am left carrying the weight for Millennials.

“My daughter is 22 and decided a while ago she does not want any kids. She’s actually getting a procedure for sterilisation next year.


“But those souls needing to come into our family for ancestral or karmic reasons still need to be born. So I’m stuck birthing and raising two babies who should have been born to her but can’t be because she’s too selfish to have kids.

“We joke how my 1.5 year old – her sibling – is actually hers but she just didn’t want to have it. But deep down? It’s not a joke. If she wasn’t so selfish, I wouldn’t have a toddler daughter right now.”

Some fellow Redditors were unimpressed by the post.

One said: “As a Millennial, it’s exhausting that we’re STILL getting blamed for everything.”

Another said: “Millennials are killing the ‘Have a baby and use their existence to distract you from your problems’ industry.”

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