Mum's 'terrifying' hack to stop kids from making mess slammed by furious parents

A mum has been slammed on Facebook for the extreme measures she went to to try and get her kids to keep the house tidy – and parents say the idea will give them nightmares

Teaching your kids to clean up after themselves can be quite the task.

But not for one mum who went to extreme measures to get them to do their chores.

She came up with the idea to dress up as the “leopard woman” to scare her kids into keeping the house clean – but other parents think it could “traumatise” them.

The image shows a mum dressed in a leopard print morph suit as she vacuumed – while her kids are clearly upset.

The caption reads: “A woman puts on this dress when she cleans her house.

“And the reason is that she told her two children, who are terrified of her, that this ‘leopard woman’ is visiting our house to clean.

The outfit she wore



“If you don’t make the house dirty, she won’t come back.”

The post was shared in the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook where it quickly racked up almost 6,500 likes and 1,300 comments from divided users.

One person said: “This is amazing.”

“I’m GUTTED I didn’t think of this all those years ago,” joked a second mum, as someone else asked: “Where can I buy the leopard outfit???!!!!!! I really need this!!”

Another mum revealed that she came up with a similar strategy, writing: “I used to have the dinner witch. My daughter was an extremely fussy eater, so I told my eldest daughter to sneak out of the room and knock on the front door pretending it was the dinner witch coming to have a word with my younger daughter who was refusing to eat. It worked…”

But others were less impressed, as one person said: “I’m sorry, I don’t find this funny. Scaring the c*** out of your kids when they’re that young isn’t amusing. Wait until they can understand jokes before you start doing things like this.”

Whilst someone else wrote: “Can you imagine?! Traumatise the kids a little more!!”

And: “Your house may be clean but I wonder what nightmares they have and how many times they wake up scared at night?” quipped a third.


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