Mums praise 'scream night' that lets them release rage by screaming in a field

A group of 20 mothers joined together to take part in a group screaming event, where they vented their rage at the ongoing pandemic and other life frustrations

Therapist Sarah Harmon
Therapist Sarah Harmon led a group screaming event for 20 women

A group of mums came together to take part in a group screaming event – where they yelled into the night to vent their frustrations.

Led by therapist Sarah Harmon, a group of 20 women joined at a local school to scream into the night before giving each other a hug and moving on.

Sarah said the event was ‘quite healing’ and helpful for new mums, for example, who may have a child who can’t yet be vaccinated – which adds another pressure to the pandemic.

Ashley Jones, who has a three-year-old son, attended the event at Charlestown high in Boston, US, said the event was “exactly what I needed”.

The event was described as ‘quite healing’


Meghan B. Kelly/WBUR)

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One local woman, Lucy Huber, shared news of the event on Twitter after hearing about it online.

She said: “If you’re wondering what things are like for parents right now, someone in my online mom’s group invited everyone to a Facebook event that is just going to an empty field and screaming and a lot of people RSVPed yes.”

Speaking to local news outlet WBUR, Sarah said: “It was an Arctic night but people came out anyway and we just screamed at the top of our lungs and then we hugged and went on our merry way and it was quite healing.

“I’m hearing my moms and my clients talk about their struggles… it’s culminating in just this intense rage, and they have nowhere to put it.”

Sarah explained that mums have had an even harder time than usual lately, as meeting in public has become more difficult due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Because of that, people are internalising their frustrations and Sarah wanted to find a way to help mums let it out.

Jessica Buckley, who attended the vent, said: “I felt like it was less into the void and more [together] as a community.

“I feel like we’ve just felt very forgotten in all of this, with our kids not being able to even be vaccinated… it’s so frustrating and we don’t have any end in sight.”

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