Mum's honest admission about having kids strikes a chord with exhausted parents

A mum has gone viral on TikTok after she shared a video revealing what she finds the most challenging since having a baby – and thousands of parents agreed with her

Bailey McPherson and her daughter
Bailey McPherson and her daughter

A mum has been applauded for her honest admission about the struggles of being a parent.

Bailey McPherson has built a following of almost 300,000 followers on her TikTok account @bmcpher by sharing funny videos of life as a mum to her adorable three-year-old daughter, Noah.

But one of her most recent videos, which has been viewed more than 440,000 times, resonated with her audience more than her others, especially exhausted parents, as she spoke candidly of her experience.

Captioning the video with the words, ‘it’s not fair’, Bailey said she longed for freedom in the same way her husband still had.

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“I wish I knew how demanding being a mother is before I became one,’ she says.

“Not so I could change my decision, but maybe if I was prepared, if I’d been warned with the harsh reality, I wouldn’t have been so shattered to my core.”

“Every time that she screams when I try and walk out the door to get an ounce of independence, something that has not left her father, I wish I knew the imbalance we would endure,’ she said.

“That I would have to alter my whole life, my whole being everything that I am and used to be.

She wishes she could have been more prepared


Many parents said they understood how she felt


“The guilt, the pressure, the weight that I have to carry on my hip all day and night while he remains the same.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 60,000 likes and 2,400 comments from people who praised her honesty.

“Thank you for your honesty. This is why I don’t want kids,” said one. “Hearing these experiences are very affirming.”

“The honesty is so pure and I truly appreciate it. Motherhood is always so glamorised and it used to make me feel horrible for not wanting it,” wrote another.

“I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of this. It’s been something I’ve known since I was little and a reason I won’t have kids,” commented another.

“I wish my husband understood that my whole life changed when she was born while he remained exactly the same, it’s so lonely,” confessed one mum.

“Never related to something so much in my life,” another agreed.

While it was clear many mums feel the same way she does, those whose kids have grown up assured Bailey that although it was a difficult phase, it would pass and that she’d miss it when her daughter was older.

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