Mum’s embarrassment after five-year-old daughter thinks sex toy is a bracelet and she gives it to a friend

Myla and Kahla and the sex toy she thought was a bracelet (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Kids sometimes like to snoop around and one mum learnt the hard way to keep things a little more hidden after her daughter took a sex toy because she thought it was a bracelet.

Kahla Maneely received a text from her daughter’s friend’s mum with a snap of the vibrating cock ring and a messaged that said ‘she might have been in your stuff lol’.

She realised that her five-year-old daughter Myla had taken it from her room and given it to her school friend.

The mortified 26-year-old scrambled to send an apologetic text to the schoolgirl’s mum to reassure her that the ring wasn’t used – and was relieved when she got a light-hearted response.

Kahla and 29-year-old electrician dad Brady Eisenhower spoke to Myla when she got home and the guilty schoolgirl confessed she’d rummaged through a bedside cabinet before school on Monday.

She had worn the vibrating purple ‘bracelet’ at school and handed it over to her pal on the bus home.

Full-time mum-of-three Kahla said she hopes that after their chat and a five-minute ‘time out’ Myla has learned her lesson and won’t snoop around in their bedroom again.

Kahla, from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, US, said: ‘When I saw the picture on the text it took me a second to put two and two together and my heart sank down to the pit of my stomach.

The messages between the two mums (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)
The other mum saw the funny side (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘I didn’t know what to do, I’ve never been that embarrassed in my whole life.

‘I spent ten minutes just staring at my phone trying to think of a good response because I didn’t know what to say.

‘I was thinking ‘what if that was my kid who came home from school wearing that as a bracelet?’ What would I do?

‘I texted her back and as soon as I sent it I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to pass out from not being able to catch my breath.’

Kahla, who is also mum to 18-month-old Maxine Eisenhower and three-year-old McKenna Eisenhower, said she picked up Myla from the bus stop as usual at 4 pm on Monday.

Myla came home and chatted about school as Kahla cooked dinner.

They were sitting down to eat when her phone pinged and they discovered what had happened.

When they quizzed Myla about whether she’d been through their belongings she tried to deny it but eventually crumbled.

Myla has learnt her lesson (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

It transpired that Myla crept into their bedroom, had a rummage through a bedroom drawer and squirrelled away what she believed was a new piece of jewellery.

Kahla said: “When I was reading the texts Myla was looking at me not having a clue what was going on.

‘I asked her “did you go through Daddy’s stuff?” She tried to lie at first, but then asked me what it was as it was “really stretchy”, I told her to mind her business.

‘She definitely made it vibrate while she was wearing it – it only lasts for about 20 minutes.

The sex toy was in the top drawer of a storage unit with Brady’s boxers, but Kahla says the box was well hidden.

‘They were under everything and pushed to the back so she definitely went rooting for it,’ she said.

Kahla said the whole family had learned lessons from the x-rated incident – they’ve now moved the aids from the previous hiding place and Myla has learned not to go snooping in her parents’ room.

Kahla said: ‘When we asked Myla about it she started to look a little bit scared as she knows she’s not allowed to go through our stuff we’ve since moved them from their usual spot.

‘We sat her down and talked to her about it, then she was on time out for five minutes in her room.

‘She then apologised, so I hope she’s learned her lesson not to do that again.’

And luckily, the other mum saw the funny side too.

Kahla added: ‘I’m very happy her mom handled that so great, I’m so thankful that she didn’t flip out.’

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