Mum who ‘offends’ people with her son’s name hits back at trolls who say he’ll be bullied – claiming ‘it’s romantic’

A SELF-STYLED “free-spirit mum” has defended her son’s unusual name after friends and family slated her choice. 

Dolly Danyi Pitblado and her husband, Lane, named the tot while he was in the womb – but they kept it a secret in case friends and family laughed at them. 

Dolly and Lane decided masculine names wouldn't suit their son


Dolly and Lane decided masculine names wouldn’t suit their sonCredit: SWNS
The couple named him while he was still in the womb


The couple named him while he was still in the wombCredit: SWNS

Now four-years-old, the parents are happy with their choice as they believe he’s a “little romantic with a poet’s heart”.

The young lad is called Poet. 

“People get so offended by my baby’s name – but he wouldn’t fit anything else, he’s a creative spirit with a poet’s heart,” Dolly, 27, says.

“His personality is 100% reflective of his name – it’s perfect. 

“At four-years-old, he wakes up in the morning and offers to bring me coffee and breakfast.

“Elderly people tell us ‘how could you name him that? He’ll get made fun of’ – it takes them a minute to take it in.”

Dolly found out she was pregnant in January 2019 – and says she could already sense what Poet was going to be like as a person, and what he was going to look like.

She based her list of names on this hunch and decided early on not to give him a “masculine” name like Nathan or John.

Her list included lots of unconventional names – like Emeryck, Bo, Navy and Slightly – but she didn’t feel these would suit her son properly.

And her family’s reaction to these names influenced her to keep ‘Poet’ a secret.

“We were going to go for Slightly – but we did get a lot of slack for that,” she reveals.

“I told them I loved the name and they laughed and said it’s a ‘word, not a name’ – so we changed our minds.

“I knew he was going to be like his dad who has a poetic heart. 

“We were talking about it and I was like, ‘oh my gosh! It has to be Poet!’

“And we decided to keep it a secret until after he was born, because we found out how harsh and picky some people can be.”

Poet was born at Stratford Hospital, Ontario on July 18, 2019 and Dolly says his great-grandparents were taken aback by his name once it was revealed.

“When Poet was born, I literally recognised him like I’d seen him before,” she adds. “But the older generation was more taken aback with his name.

“My grandparents and Lane’s grandparents had to take it in – but our friends and parents instantly loved it!”

Dolly says the locals in her town feel offended by the name, and regularly come up to her and Lane to express their concerns.

She said: “We live in a small town, we know a lot of these people, they stop to talk to us and tell us they’re offended by our baby’s name.

“They tell us it’s not a name – and he’ll be made fun of.”

Despite the backlash, Dolly says she’s not worried about how Poet’s school friends will react to his quirky name.

In September, he started nursery – and even his teachers say he suits his name.

Dolly has since given birth to her second child, Lottie, two, on July 18, 2021. She says she “relaxed” with her name.


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