Mum uses lettuce leaf trick to enjoy her favourite snack without her toddler demanding some

Enjoy a snack in peace (Picture: Facebook)

Eating a treat in front of a toddler usually means having to give some of it up.

Forget enjoying some chocolate in peace with a little one around.

But one mum has shared her hack to enjoy snacks without her daughter seeing.

Brooke Rycroft shared a picture of an ice cream bar behind a lettuce leaf and said: ‘The real reason why I buy lettuce. Hidden in plain sight. She doesn’t even notice me.’

By using the lettuce, her daughter thinks she’s actually eating something healthy and doesn’t pester her for more.

Her post quickly went viral with over 120,000 shares and 25,000 comments.

Other parents loved the idea.

One comment said: ‘We need to add lettuce to the shopping list.’

Someone else said: ‘I honestly need to start doing this.’

‘GENIUS! I have both of those and will try this immediately,’ another said.

Others shared their own tricks to stop their kids wanting a bite of their food.

Another parent said: ‘I’m guilty of making vomit noises as I eat yummy things I don’t want to share with my 1 and 4 year old. Works a treat.’

Meanwhile, someone else said: ‘These days I just hide the good snacks in the bathroom cabinet and lock the door.’

But a few parents said that it wouldn’t work in their house.

One said that her daughter would sniff out the ice cream and ask her to show her what she had.

Someone else added: ‘Unfortunately that won’t work in my house our kids love lettuce.’

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