Mum urged to change daughter's name after realising how it sounds out loud

Choosing a child’s name can be quite a difficult task.

There is no shortage of opinions out there, and not all of them are welcome, but occasionally they can help nudge you towards a decision.

One woman sought advice after realising that her daughter might face some stick in the classroom.

She plans to call her daughter Eve – a really sweet name. But her surname begins with ‘L’ and she worried that her daughter might accidentally be referred to as ‘Evil’.

Asking for advice on Mumsnet, she wrote: “We’ve been debating a baby name for [our second daughter] for ages and had finally decided on Eve.

Pregnant mum filling out list of baby names
The mum asked whether she should change the name

“However, I’ve just realised this reads as ‘Eve L’ as our surname begins with an L.

“I’m now panicking that this reads too much like ‘Evil’! [Dear husband] and others don’t see the problem, so I’m wondering if it’s just my hormonal self thinking too much! Thoughts appreciated.”

Some people agreed with her that it might be an issue at school, where there may be other Eve’s in the classroom.

One wrote: “At school, it will be EveL though. You don’t use middle names. On the register etc it will be is “Eve l” here etc.”

Another agreed, commenting: “It reads fine, but said out loud it does sound like Evil and if there is more than one Eve at school/a club she goes to she is going to be called Eve L. I wouldn’t use it.”

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“People who are saying you’re overthinking it have not spent time in a classroom where it’s really normal for a teacher to call out ‘Sophie W, can you give out the books, Sophie P, can you collect the test papers please’.

“Your daughter would hate to be Eve L. Don’t do it!” a third wrote.

Another joked: “Unless it is Eve Lkenevel you should be fine.”

But others disagreed and urged the mum to stick to her guns ahead of giving birth.

One wrote: “Eve as a given name isn’t that popular anymore (not like Eva, Ava, Evie, Evelyn) so I think you’d be quite unlucky for her to be known as Eve L in her class/groups.

“It’s a lovely name, I’d probably be reluctant to give up on the name for only that reason if it’s your favourite – and after all it hasn’t stopped the popularity of Evelyn (which is sometimes pronounced Eve – Lyn).”

“Yeh, you’re overthinking it. It’s lovely. If there will be a middle name then it will separate the two anyway,” added another.


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