Mum tapes up food and leaves out mousetraps to stop husband eating all the snacks

A mum who got so sick of her ‘fat b*****d’ husband eating all of the snacks in their cupboard decided to take drastic action to bring it to an end.

It’s become a running joke in Thomas Johnson’s house that he can’t pass through the kitchen without emerging with food in his mouth.

His wife Tammy became so fed up of her other half scoffing all the treats that she waited for him to go to bed one night and, fuelled by a few drinks, came up with a genius solution.

Borrowing her brother’s electrical tape, she sealed off the contents to everything in both their fridge and cupboards – from crisps to eggs.

She even placed a cake on a mousetrap, with small pieces of chocolate leading up to it in a bid to entice him in.

Tammy taped up everything in the cupboards and the fridge

The next morning, Thomas’ family documented his journey to discovering blocks of cheese and packets of biscuits sealed off in a bid to keep his snacking habits at bay.

Tammy’s daughter, Aimee Carr, posted it all on Facebook, as she wrote: “My mum got drunk last night and woke up this morning and realised she’s taped the sausage rolls together and taped the cheese up so that my step-dad won’t eat them???

“She also set up a mouse trap with biscuits and sweets in it to try and trap him. What is this woman.”

Tammy, from Stockport, said: “My husband had gone up to bed before. We’d been taking the mickey out of my husband because he basically just eats anything in his sight.

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“If the kids leave something on the side, without even thinking about it, he will eat it without even knowing that he has done it.

Thomas said it hasn’t stopped him snacking

“We had this little mousetrap, so we decided to put some cakes on the mousetrap and some chocolate leading up to it. Obviously because we’d had a drink we thought it was funny.

“Then we said we would tape up all the other stuff too so he’ll get his fingers caught in the mousetrap, he will go to get something else to eat, but everything will be taped up.

“It was only in the morning that we woke up and were like, ‘oh my god, what have we done? Everything in the house is taped up’.

“We sellotaped up all our food. Near enough everything that was in the fridge and cupboards.

“We did what we could do with as much tape as we had. We ran out of tape and my brother was a bit upset in the morning. He had to go and get more.

Thomas’ love for food has become a running joke in the house

“We taped up some sausage rolls, cheese, eggs, Pringles, all the cereal boxes, biscuits. I actually found half a packet of biscuits the other day that was still sellotaped up.”

Although Tammy went to extreme lengths to make sure every snack had been dealt with, it didn’t deter Thomas from putting in the work to earn his favourite treats.

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The 43 year old said: “She thinks I’m too lazy to undo it but I’m not.

“I thought she was off her head. I couldn’t believe she had done that. She spent an hour doing it, I reckon.

“It’s not about weight or anything like that. Tammy just thinks I can’t go in the kitchen without having something in my gob when I come out of there.

“If I’m making a brew, I’ll come out eating something. She’s just making the point that I eat her out of house and home, I think.

Tammy’s daughter Aimee posted about it on Facebook

“It didn’t stop me. She thinks I eat something without knowing. Maybe it’s her cooking, that’s what it is. I’d rather eat snack food.

“It was really funny. It’s the effort she went to. It was all nice and tidy. She might as well have wrapped them in wrapping paper. I’ll probably get a packet of biscuits for my birthday now.”

Tammy, a stay at home mum of four, admitted it didn’t work and her partner thought ‘we were all lunatics’ the following day.

She added: “I told him I thought it might have stopped him but it obviously didn’t.

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“It’s something we’re always going on about because we’re always telling him to stop picking at food and eat a proper meal.

“He will always deny it but he’ll do it literally in front of you and then go, ‘no, I’ve not done it’.

“I’ll point out he’s got a biscuit in his mouth in that moment and he’ll go, ‘oh yeah, I have, haven’t I?’. So to stop him from doing it we sellotaped it all.

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“I put a note in the fridge once but I don’t think you’d want to write what was said on it. It said, ‘keep out you fat b * ****d’.”


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