Mum reveals clever hack to attach kids’ name tags to school uniform in seconds – and all you need is hair straighteners

THIS week saw kids head back to school after months of being at home.

And in preparation for the new school term, busy parents have been stocking up on stationary, backpacks, uniforms and lunchboxes.

The mum shared her clever labelling hack which gets the job done in seconds


The mum shared her clever labelling hack which gets the job done in secondsCredit: Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas/Facebook

A handy way to keep track of school supplies and uniforms is name labels which are sewn or ironed in place.

But one mum has shared the clever way she tackles the labelling task which gets it done in half the time and is super easy to do.

Posting in the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas, the mum demonstrated the clever hack using pre-printed name tags on her kids school uniforms.

If you’re looking to grab some of your own, Labels4Kids is a great resource for a variety of name tags, as well as MyNameTags.

She uses straighteners to secure the label and it's so easy


She uses straighteners to secure the label and it’s so easy Credit: Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas/Facebook

Then you simply pop it over clothing label, or wherever you want the name tag, and use a pair of straighteners to clamp it shut which secures the name tag in place.

The simple hack won over an army of fans as parents praised the mum for her ‘genius’ idea.

Many people loved how quick and easy the hair tool made the task, and couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it themselves.

“Whichever one of you gorgeous people suggested hair straighteners for name labels…. GENIUS!” one mum said, “all uniform done in minutes.”

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