Mum rages about partner's 's**te' gift – but soon learns he was trolling her

When it comes to getting Christmas gifts for your partner, you’d think it would be a pretty easy task.

After all, you’re meant to be the one person in the world who knows them better than anyone.

But it appeared that one man didn’t really know his partner all that well.

A few days before Christmas, an unnamed woman took to Mumsnet to vent about her boyfriend, after discovering he had bought her rugby tickets as a gift.

It was fair to say the woman was less than impressed by this and needed some advice on how to react on December 25 when opening the unwanted present.

She thought he got her rugby tickets (stock photo)

She began by stressing just how much she doesn’t like sports.

“I’ve just found out partner has bought me tickets to a rugby match for the team he supports for Xmas,” she wrote.

“I don’t follow rugby, have zero interest in sport.

“I do everything at home, our two-year-old still wakes in the night and he has never done a night in his life.

She claimed she’d got him ‘thoughtful’ gifts for Christmas (stock photo)

“I just feel massively taken for granted. I’m going to receive my gift in front of his family and I don’t know how to act happy about it.”

She added: “I’d hate an atmosphere on the day, but seriously f**k him.”

Several Mumsnet users attempted to reason with the woman, suggesting the tickets may have been expensive and that perhaps it was a way for him to spend quality time with her.

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But she was having none of it.

Replying to the comments, she said: “I couldn’t give a s**te if the tickets were expensive. My gifts to him are thoughtful. His to me are just a present for him.

“He’ll really want to go to the match, so won’t be able to give them away.

“Might buy him a dildo.”

However when Christmas Day rolled around and she was presented with her gift, things took a big turn.

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Bizarre news from Mirror Online

A final hilarious update was posted on the Mumsnet thread on Boxing Day, revealing that her partner had been trolling her the whole time.

Instead of tickets to watch rugby, he had treated them both to a much-needed holiday.


She added: “Hi everyone. Got a holiday. Not rugby tickets. All is well. Hope you had a good day.”

Many people were pleased she got a happy ending.

Others just found the whole thing amusing.

“High grade trolling there,” commented one person.

“I was all ready to be like ‘DIVORCE HIM’ but this went in a direction I did not anticipate,” said another.

A third replied: “Amazing plot twist.”


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