Mum praised for 'genius' lolly stick system to stop her children fighting

A mum has gone viral after sharing her ‘lolly stick system’ to encourage her children to behave – and other parents have vowed to try it for themselves.

Having to settle sibling disputes may feel like an inevitable part of parenting, but one mum decided to try and put an end to it once and for all.

Posting on TikTok, mum Valenciascalifornia said she was currently hiding in her painting studio because her children fight “non stop” and she decided that she was going to “pretty much pay them to behave”.

She says: “A lot of you are like ‘hey, that’s bribing your kids, what are you doing?’ and I’m like ‘You bet your a** I am’.”

The mum holding the lolly sticks
Every Sunday, the mum hands 10 lolly sticks to each child

Holding a handful of oversized lolly sticks, she explains that one sticks is worth one dollar and she hands out 10 to each of her children once a week.

The sticks have all been individually decorated by the kids to ensure there can’t be any trading or thievery, as she explains: “I will count them out every Sunday and hand them over.

“But, you misbehave, I take one. You fight, I take one. You make me raise my voice, I take one. If I have to hear another argument over Fornite, I take two.

“But I’m not a dictator, so I’ll give you the chance to earn them back. You do something nice for somebody, I give you one.

“And then, the following Sunday they turn them in for cold, hard cash. The goal is to break bad habits and hopefully have them self-correct bad behaviour.”

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The clip racked up more than 4.4 million views and was widely praised by other parents, as one commented to say: “Some people may call it bribery. I call it incentives and goals which are great teachings! Good luck.”

A second pointed out: “Adults have the same systems – it’s called ‘keeping your job’ and ‘not getting divorced’. Learning to co-exist is important.”

And another joked: “I was going to separately cage my children but this could work too.”

What do you think of the system? Let us know in the comments.


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