Mum of eight kids including twins and triplets shares how she manages her big family at bedtime

The Dunstan family (Picture: Chloe and Beans Instagram)

While most parents might struggle to get two or three kids ready for bed each night, this mum has to tackle eight, all wanting bedtime stories and cuddles.

Chloe Dunstan’s huge brood is made up of three older children – Evan, eight, Otto, seven, and Felix, six – followed by triplets Rufus, Hank and Pearl, four. and then twins Sylvie and Cosmo, who were born in October last year.

Every night, Chloe, 27, and husband Rohan spend hours getting all the kids settled so they can have an hour of downtime.

The older kids in their playroom (Picture: Chloe and Beans Instagram)

Posting a video on her Youtube channel, the Australian mum said she starts the night prep at 4.30pm.

She makes dinner for them all, while the children start tidying up all their play areas together.

‘The babies have a nap in their rockers, while the others do some tidying up,’ she explained.

‘At the same time, I’ll cook the dinner for the kids.’ 

Around 6pm, the children sit down to eat together. Sometimes Chloe and Rohan have dinner with them but other times they wait until the kids are in bed to eat.

The older kids then take it in turns to have a bath or s shower and get their pyjamas on while Chloe washes the babies, often with some of their siblings watching.

Next up, everyone brushes their hair and teeth before they all settle down for a story.

The kids in their PJs (Picture: Chloe and Beans Instagram)

Chloe loves to collect books for the children and now has over 1,000 – all arranged in a colour coordinated order on the shelves.

At 8pm, everyone is tucked into bed, giving the couple some time to themselves.

The triplets go to sleep while the older boys read by themselves for a while before drifting off.

‘It’s definitely gotten easier over the years with the night-time routine as all bar the twins can now dress themselves,’ Chloe said.

‘With the triplets there for a bit when they were young, it was a lot of work. But I think with big families you have to do whatever works for you.’

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