Mum of bride baffled by niece's excuse for wearing white to cousin's wedding

It’s an unwritten rule that all wedding guests should know is unbreakable.

Don’t wear a white dress to anyone’s wedding, ever.

Even if you have a legally binding agreement signed by the bride herself, still consider whether it would be a good idea or not.

Although some probably don’t care that much, others take it VERY seriously, and at the end of the day – it’s just not an occasion where it seems like a good idea.

So when one wedding guest admitted she did exactly that, she didn’t receive a lot of understanding comments.

The anonymous woman had worn a white dress to her cousin’s wedding – and was surprised when people complained after the ceremony.

guests tossing rice at wedding
The woman claimed the bride didn’t know

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Her justification – that her cousin is blind – didn’t hold much sway with relatives, or people on the internet, it turns out.

On the day, the bride’s mum ended up taking her to the task – and people applauded her for speaking up on her daughter’s behalf.

But the disgruntled guest took to Reddit, asking for advice on whether she had acted like an “a**hole.”

She wrote: “‘I’d like to start by saying that me and my female cousin (blind from birth) aren’t very close but we get along well as relatives.

“She’s 26 and her wedding was last week. She sent me an invitation though we don’t talk much but since I wanted a break from work I decided to go.

“My favourite colour is white. (I have brown skin) love wearing white because it brings out my skin glow and makes me feel comfortable and confident.

“I purchased a maxi white dress, nothing fancy but goes well with my skin tone and wore it at the wedding. There wasn’t a big party with many guests. But sort of family dinner and a small celebration. I really thought no one would even notice I was wearing white.”

But naturally, people did realise she was wearing white at her cousin’s wedding – and it didn’t end well.

“My aunt kept giving me uncomfortable looks the entire evening and so did my other cousin,” wrote the guest.

“Once I decided to leave, my aunt pulled me aside and berated me for wearing this colour at her daughter’s wedding.

“She said just because her daughter is blind doesn’t mean she’s stupid and doesn’t know what’s going on around her.

“[She was] basically saying I brought negative energy and disturbed the celebration by having guests notice and by extension, my cousin as well.

“She gave a lengthy lecture and asked if I hate to see her daughter happy and whether I pulled this stunt because my “blind” cousin got married before me.

“I was like ‘Woah calm down none of this was true’. I just wore my favourite colour and didn’t do it because my cousin is blind and wouldn’t notice.”

After a slew of comments telling her she was in the wrong, the bride’s cousin appeared to accept she *may* be in the wrong.

“I just think it’s ultimately my choice to wear what I want whenever I go especially since I wasn’t taking any part of the wedding but seeing how many people care about minor stuff like that then I guess I didn’t think this through,” she wrote.

One person commented: “It doesn’t matter that white is your favourite colour and makes you look best. White is flattering on MANY people. It’s not your wedding, you don’t need to look the best.”

Another added: “Your cousin might be blind but she isn’t dumb. If you cared for her you would stop justifying the why of it, and apologise for how it made her feel.”


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