Mum makes 'jail' for toys her kids leave on floor – and it keeps the house tidy

There’s nothing worse that putting your child to bed, only to come downstairs and discover the living room floor strewn with abandoned toys.

You’re bound to hurt yourself stepping on discarded pieces of Lego or the dog could find a stuffed animal they’d like to chew.

But getting your little ones to clean up after themselves when they’re tired can be rather tricky.

However one mum has come up with a very simple way of convincing her children to do just that and all it took was a clear plastic stacker box, a marker pen and a bit of creativity.

Toys are often left strewn all over the floor (stock photo)

The parent took to Instagram to share the creation on the backontrackconsultancy account.

In attempt to get children to put away their toys, she had made a ‘toy jail’.

Whenever her kids leave their toys lying around on the floor, the mum picks them up and puts them in the ‘jail’.

To earn back their stuff, the little ones must then complete a chore.

The mum wrote out the rules on the lid of the box in black marker pen.

It reads: “TOY JAIL.

“You left it out and I picked it up, I’ve got your stuff, you’re out of luck.

“To get it back, please do a chore, then it’s yours, just like before. Love, Mummy.”

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In the post on Instagram, they added how it’s great for keeping the home tidy as well as teaching children a valuable lesson.

They wrote: “Children are capable of tidying up after themselves and that is strongly encouraged in the early childhood environment that children participate in keeping the room neat and tidy!

“If children look after their belongings from an early age we are teaching them to be responsible for themselves and their environment and encouraging independent thinking and problem solving.”

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Fellow parents thought the idea was genius and praised them for sharing it.

One person replied: “Love this!”

Another said: “I’m so going to try this.”

A third commented: “This is a brilliant idea.”

Someone else added: “I’m going ot do this to my 12 & 16-year-old. This is going to be fun!”


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