Mum challenges speeding fine because she was rushing to rescue hedgehog

Katherine Martinez drove at 37mph in a 30 zone to get an injured hedgehog medical attention quickly (Picture: SWNS)

An animal-loving Mum is challenging a £100 speeding fine because she was rushing a badly injured hedgehog to a rescue centre. 

Katherine Martinez, 53, was caught going 37mph in a 30mph zone while dashing to get treatment for the animal, and says she is willing to go to court to fight her punishment.

The hedgehog, which had been bitten by a dog 30 times, died from its injuries ten days after getting medical attention in Lancashire.

Mum-of-three Ms Martinez, who volunteers at a hedgehog rescue centre, has won the backing of her local MP after police rejected her attempt to overturn the fine and three points on her licence.

She explained: ‘I know I was going over the limit but I was desperately trying to get this poor animal help, that was at the forefront of my mind.

‘I knew that I wasn’t going ridiculously fast, I was just in a hurry, that’s all.

‘I’d like to think the authorities would look at the circumstances and make a decision based on that.

‘It was a straight, well-lit road at a time of night when there were no other road-users around, I definitely wasn’t putting anyone’s life in danger.’

The ‘poor animal’ was bitten 30 times by a dog (Picture: SWNS)
The injured animals’ feet being soaked to help its recovery (Picture: SWNS)

She was driving as part of her role as a volunteer for Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre, on June 8 when she was notified about an injured animal on social media.

Ms Martinez drove from her home in Lostock Hall to the property in Leyland, where she found the male hedgehog critically injured after being attacked by the homeowner’s dog.

She explained: ‘The hedgehog was bleeding and all curled up.

‘It was hard to tell the severity of the injuries at that time but it was clearly in a bad way.’

With her daughter Phoebe, 16, in the passenger seat, she then rushed the mammal to Preston Hedgehog Rescue, the nearest centre open at the time.

Ms Martinez acknowledge she was going over the limit but ‘was desperately trying to get this poor animal help’ (Picture: SWNS)
Unfortunately the animal died of its injuries 10 days later (Picture: SWNS)

During the journey, while travelling on a quiet single-lane road at 12.29am on June 9, she was snapped by a speed camera.

Ms Martinez said: ‘The flash gave me a shock so I knew what had happened immediately.

‘But at the time my sole focus was to get this poor animal help, it wasn’t until afterwards that I started thinking about the fine.’

The former Civil Service worker is currently a full-time carer for her partner Ian Wright, 53, an ex-serviceman who suffers from PTSD.

She said: ‘Part of the reason for me appealing is that I simply can’t afford the fine.

‘And then the other side of it is the principle of the whole thing, I really think the authorities should show some leniency because of the circumstances.’

Ms Martinez has set up a crowd funding page to help her pay for the fine and any legal costs if she goes to court.

Her local Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has leapt to her support.

He said: ‘This is an exceptional case in so many ways – she deserves a break and a pat on the back for her dedication.’

Lancashire Constabulary declined to comment.

At the time of writing, Ms Martinez had raised £315 on her GoFundMe page, which you can find by clicking here

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