Mum becomes friends with stranger who found ruined parcel and sent gifts to her daughter

The unexpected card (Picture: Caoimhe McConway)

It’s always an inconvenience when an online order doesn’t arrive, but for this mum, it sparked something wonderful.

Caoimhe McConway had ordered some baby-gros for her daughter Féah, and was miffed when they hadn’t come.

Instead of the parcel she expected, though, she did end up getting something in the post – a card and present from a kind stranger who’d spotted the parcel on the side of the road and decided to do something nice.

The package had been on some journey, falling off the delivery truck and ripping open, with the baby clothes Caoimhe expected strewn across a road in Kent.

A woman called Emily had seen this on her school run, and noted down Caoimhe’s Lisburn address, clearly knowing that she’d be missing the clothes for her new baby.

In the card, Emily told the story, and wrote: ‘I took a photo of your address, and wanted to send a few baby-gros for you, which I hope will fit your little one.

‘I would have collected them off the road but they were strewn everywhere and all dirty and oily. The road is a busy one too.

‘Congratulations on your new arrival – always such a precious time’.

People were touched by the gesture, and it garnered thousands of likes (Picture: Caoimhe McConway)

Caoimhe told ‘At first I thought it was the sender who sent me it, then read it and realised it was a complete stranger who happened to find the parcel. I just couldn’t believe a complete stranger would go to them lengths’.

The 28-year-old childcare assistant decided to use social media to find Emily, heartened at her random act of kindness.

After posting the story on Facebook, it racked up over 3,400 likes and 2,400 likes.

‘The online reaction has been crazy,’ said Caoimhe.

‘I didn’t expect my post to get the response it did.’

After just four hours, word had got round, and Caoimhe had a message from Emily’s sister (as Emily herself doesn’t use Facebook).

The pair have become friends, and it’s extremely adorable.

‘We exchanged numbers and have been in regular contact through WhatsApp,’ said Caoimhe.

‘Emily has three children and three bonus children as she calls them (step children) – including a wee baby herself at three months,’ she continued.

‘She seems to have her hands full enough and still manged to do this lovely gesture. I think it’s lovely that two complete strangers have became friends thorough this.’

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a great reminder that doing something that you might see as insignificant can really make someone’s day. Not only that, but you could come out of it with a brand new friend.

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