Motherwell FC share incredible seat restoration clip and it's so satisfying

Motherwell football club has shown how they refurb their plastic seats – and its such a satisfying watch.

The club recently went through a refurb and has installed a new PA system, LED lighting, replaced all signage, and redecorated by painting the back wall and steelwork.

They’ve also added a fan mural and a timeline of the club’s first manager John Hunter.

During the work, Motherwell also showed how they help spruce up their old seating to make it as good as new – and it will blow your mind (pardon the pun).

Motherwell FC refurbish their seats with a blowtorch

The club published a video on Twitter showing that they could refresh the seating simply by using a blowtorch.

They wrote: “Turns out taking a blowtorch to old seats actually does restore them.”

Fans couldn’t believe it and begged for more footage of the seats being ‘renewed’.

One said: “Can you put out a long video of every seat being done in turn? It’s really very satisfying to watch.”

Another added: ‘It’s like watching paint dry, but better.

One commented: ‘This is a very temporary fix and will oxidise fairly quickly again. Certainly looks good.

“Often wondered if the seats could be re dyed or dipped in something other than replacing them.”

And another joked: “Thanks for the tip! Will try this on my couch later.”

While the person doing this job needs to be very careful, it turns out there are a few videos dedicated to restoring plastic seats with a blow torch online!


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